At least half of all pregnancies are unplanned so it is very common. One in five pregnancies a woman will choose to have an abortion. It can be a difficult choice to make and it can be a very emotional time. Talking to people you trust and making sure you have accurate information and support from a healthcare professional will help.

All information and treatment is confidential whatever your age. This means that information cannot be shared with anyone else without your agreement. You do not have to tell anyone including your GP about your abortion.

An abortion is usually performed between seven to twenty four weeks of pregnancy and  can only  be done after 24 weeks if there are exceptional circumstances, for example if there is a serious risk to the woman’s health or there is a substantial risk of physical or mental disability if the baby is born.

The Lincolnshire Integrated Sexual Health (LISH) clinic will refer you to the abortion service most appropriate for you to attend.

Having an abortion will involve at least two separate visits; the first is for an assessment, the second is to carry out the abortion procedure.

There are two types of abortion; medical and surgical and these are performed;

  • If the pregnancy is less than nine weeks a medical abortion can be performed.

  • Between 9 -12 weeks a surgical termination can be performed.

  • If the pregnancy is over 12 weeks you will need to be seen outside Lincolnshire (e.g. Scunthorpe in which case you may be able to receive free transport).