The Lincolnshire C-Card Scheme provides free condoms, lube and sexual health information to young people aged 13 – 19* years old. 

*Up to 25 for inclusion of those with learning disabilities


If you are not eligable for C- Card, don't worry we also provide free condoms to all. Simply contact us on 01522 309309.



If you are aged 16-19*, you may register via our online registration form here.

Anyone aged 13-19* may also register at one of the C-Card Registration Points. This takes about 20 minutes. You will need to give your date of birth and the first part of your postcode. This information is confidential and you cannot be traced from it. You will be issued with a credit sized C-Card.

*Up to 25 for inclusion of those with learning disabilities

The C-Card Scheme is confidential, unless the C-Card Worker feels you or someone else is at risk or a crime has been committed. If they need to tell someone else they will always tell you first.

There are many venues across Lincolnshire which offer C-Card. Some offer registration and pick up and some offer pick up only.

C-Card Provider Info (password-protected)