IUD.pngThe Intra- Uterine System (IUS) is prefect for  a “fit and forget” method. It is very similar to an IUD but has a very small amount of a progestogen hormone.

It is a small plastic device that is put into your uterus (womb). There are two different sizes, one lasting three years (Jaydess) and one lasting five years (Mirena). They both have two threads on the end and these thin threads hang through the opening at the entrance of your uterus (cervix) into the top of your vagina. They do not interfere with sex or tampon use.

If you are aged 45 or older when the IUS is fitted, it can be left in until the menopause, it may need exchanging if your periods become heavier or if you are using HRT.

IUS are fitted by a trained doctor or nurse.

Fitting an IUS takes about 10–15 minutes. It may be a little uncomfortable or painful for some women, and a local anaesthetic may be used. You may get a period-type pain and some light bleeding for a few days after the IUD is fitted.

Your doctor may request an uterine ultrasound or biopsy prior to insertion especially if you are over 45 years old and have heavy bleeding, this is to check for uterine fibroids.