Drugs and alcohol use can lead to more risk taking behaviours as judgement is clouded and inhibitions are lowered. This can include risky sexual behaviour potentially leading to exposure to STIs and HIV.  People who would usually practice safer sex can then be caught off guard and worry about what they may have done, sometimes not being certain after the event what actually happened.



  • Think about limiting drug and alcohol use and stay with friends if possible (safety in numbers).

  • Carry condoms – you are more likely to use a condom if you have one to hand.

  • If you feel that drug and/or alcohol intake is a problem for you, and you would like help by talking to someone contact "We Are With You." Click here for more information about We Are With You.



If you are unsure about any risk you may have taken consider coming to a sexual health clinic for a check-up. If in doubt check! It is much better to have a test and we will not make any judgements about your lifestyle.