IUD.pngAn Intra- Uterine Device (IUD) is perfect for a ‘fit and forget’ method.  An IUD is sometimes called a coil. It is a small plastic and copper device that is put into your uterus (womb).

There are different types and sizes, some have more copper on than others and some last longer than others. They all have one or two threads on the end and these thin threads hang through the opening at the entrance of your uterus (cervix) into the top of your vagina. They do not interfere with sex or tampon use.

An IUD can stay in for 5–10 years, depending on the type. If you are aged 40 or older when the IUD is fitted, it can be left in until the menopause.  IUDs are fitted by a trained doctor or nurse.

An IUD can be used as a very effective method of emergency contraception